Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Replacing an old dog house

My old dog is rapidly deteriorating. Its been five years since I had a carpenter make a steel fenced doghouse complete with a small wooden dog house so that the dog can go to his "room" for privacy and some nap time free from noise pollution. I immediately scanned the internet for some ideas on some ready made dog houses.

I was stunned with the numerous hits from sites selling dog houses to pet supply and books. Does any one have any idea of what I should look for a new one since I think the old dog house was designed for a smaller german shepherd while now CG has grown into a humogous 120 pound dog.

I think I will settle for a functional one but I have to go and travel to the other city beside mine. I am calculating if I buy the one near me since It may be cheaper than having to travel and use gas just to save a little.