Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Replacing an old dog house

My old dog is rapidly deteriorating. Its been five years since I had a carpenter make a steel fenced doghouse complete with a small wooden dog house so that the dog can go to his "room" for privacy and some nap time free from noise pollution. I immediately scanned the internet for some ideas on some ready made dog houses.

I was stunned with the numerous hits from sites selling dog houses to pet supply and books. Does any one have any idea of what I should look for a new one since I think the old dog house was designed for a smaller german shepherd while now CG has grown into a humogous 120 pound dog.

I think I will settle for a functional one but I have to go and travel to the other city beside mine. I am calculating if I buy the one near me since It may be cheaper than having to travel and use gas just to save a little.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Defense is still necessary for me and my dog

I have a 120 pound "CG" German shepherd. I have been blessed to have him for four years now. He is a very obedient dog, he loves to run around until he is so tired. He is so receptive to being controlled or disciplined because he is able to understand that there are expectations on him. He is well fed and pampered with the necessary toys, treats and medicines.

Recently, there have been many cases of robberies in our neighborhood. I plan to enroll him in a dog scholl so that he can learn the attack command. I have other reasons for wanting to have him learn the command. Are there any reasons why he should not be trained for this one ? Is it a dangerous move?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some snakes that can be a house pet.

For a liberal family or a conservative one that allows kids to have any pet they want, safety and maintenace of the pet considerations are the talking points. But when a kid takes a snake for a pet, one can see reactions that this might not be a good choice. Yes, there are hundres of snakes that are poisonous, agressive and outright dangerous but there are some snakes species that are proven to be good as house pets for kids that are of the age ten and older.

A pet snake would certainly be one out of the ordinary. The coolness factor would be so high especially when the owner is allowed to bring his pet into his school.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Horses are beautiful, worth caring for

Horses are beautiful by nature. Horses in the wild eat right. Run all day inasmuch as they develop their muscles to great proportions. They are also by nature very friendly. Having one is really a luxury because that would mean you have enough space for its shelter and adequate space for it to roam or exercise around.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happier pet owners live longer

It seems that our beloved pets tend to increase our lifespans. It may be a very good thing considering there are more old people now than any of the age group brackets. This will be bad news for Medicare ...hahaha.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

toys for cats -- worth buying ... really

It's surely an amazing thing to think that cats can be trained to do tricks . Cats have not been known to perform tricks unlike dogs. There are available devices to use for training these affectionate pets. Yes, some cat owners say that their pets can be disciplined to perform some stunts and they can even be toilet trained ...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

what you need to know when riding a horse

You may have a pet horse at your farm. you get to comb it, touch it, talk to eat, feed it and caress it. The most rewarding thing with such a pet horse is to be able to ride it with confidence. Is riding a horse a simple trick like sitting on a rocking chair?

You may fall of a horse if you are not careful. This may be extreme dangerous as such a fall may break your spinal cord. As a rider you should know how to keep your balance while riding so as not to fall off the horse. If you are a novice, try practicing on old friendly horses so it will be very cooperative.

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