Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some snakes that can be a house pet.

For a liberal family or a conservative one that allows kids to have any pet they want, safety and maintenace of the pet considerations are the talking points. But when a kid takes a snake for a pet, one can see reactions that this might not be a good choice. Yes, there are hundres of snakes that are poisonous, agressive and outright dangerous but there are some snakes species that are proven to be good as house pets for kids that are of the age ten and older.

A pet snake would certainly be one out of the ordinary. The coolness factor would be so high especially when the owner is allowed to bring his pet into his school.

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Justin Germino said...

I love snakes, rat snakes, king snakes make good pets. Even corn snakes.

ovais said...

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Nilz said...

Yeah! You are correct. It will also be a great element to present before the guests!

jayson said...

woohh ..snakes are scary ..even if it's a pet ..wew ..

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