Friday, October 17, 2008

Defense is still necessary for me and my dog

I have a 120 pound "CG" German shepherd. I have been blessed to have him for four years now. He is a very obedient dog, he loves to run around until he is so tired. He is so receptive to being controlled or disciplined because he is able to understand that there are expectations on him. He is well fed and pampered with the necessary toys, treats and medicines.

Recently, there have been many cases of robberies in our neighborhood. I plan to enroll him in a dog scholl so that he can learn the attack command. I have other reasons for wanting to have him learn the command. Are there any reasons why he should not be trained for this one ? Is it a dangerous move?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some snakes that can be a house pet.

For a liberal family or a conservative one that allows kids to have any pet they want, safety and maintenace of the pet considerations are the talking points. But when a kid takes a snake for a pet, one can see reactions that this might not be a good choice. Yes, there are hundres of snakes that are poisonous, agressive and outright dangerous but there are some snakes species that are proven to be good as house pets for kids that are of the age ten and older.

A pet snake would certainly be one out of the ordinary. The coolness factor would be so high especially when the owner is allowed to bring his pet into his school.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Horses are beautiful, worth caring for

Horses are beautiful by nature. Horses in the wild eat right. Run all day inasmuch as they develop their muscles to great proportions. They are also by nature very friendly. Having one is really a luxury because that would mean you have enough space for its shelter and adequate space for it to roam or exercise around.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happier pet owners live longer

It seems that our beloved pets tend to increase our lifespans. It may be a very good thing considering there are more old people now than any of the age group brackets. This will be bad news for Medicare ...hahaha.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

toys for cats -- worth buying ... really

It's surely an amazing thing to think that cats can be trained to do tricks . Cats have not been known to perform tricks unlike dogs. There are available devices to use for training these affectionate pets. Yes, some cat owners say that their pets can be disciplined to perform some stunts and they can even be toilet trained ...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

what you need to know when riding a horse

You may have a pet horse at your farm. you get to comb it, touch it, talk to eat, feed it and caress it. The most rewarding thing with such a pet horse is to be able to ride it with confidence. Is riding a horse a simple trick like sitting on a rocking chair?

You may fall of a horse if you are not careful. This may be extreme dangerous as such a fall may break your spinal cord. As a rider you should know how to keep your balance while riding so as not to fall off the horse. If you are a novice, try practicing on old friendly horses so it will be very cooperative.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

tips on what to do with dog stains

Dogs have a peculiar smell that is endemic to them. A combination of a strong husky smell coming from sweat, oil and saliva. If you are so particular about these things and you still want to won one, here are things you ought to try to avoid such annoyances,

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Do you have a reptile for a pet ?

Sometimes, people would like to have pets that are rare, exotic, dangerous and low maintenance. The choices range from frogs, snakes, spiders, lizards and many more. Why choose a petentially dangerous animal tobe your pet if it can harm you ? There lies the charm of this exotic reptiles. The amount of danger it possess and very easy to maintance. Take for instance if you have a pet snake, you only need to feed it with a rat like once a month or every 3 weeks. The feeding action of the snake can really give pleasure to its owner.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tricks your dog can do

Teaching your dogs tricks may be a time consuming and stressful chore to do as the dog is learning what he supposed to be learning. But as soon as your dog perfects several tricks, you will be most rewarded for your hard work by the reliable and great performance of your dog on a given trick.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

creating the perfect cat bloodline

New breeds of cat bloodlines are always looked upon with disapproval from associations of cat lovers. For a while Persian exotic cats were not allowed to be breed with the American short-haired cats bloodlines. For safeguarding the treasured qualities of American short-haired breed of cats, they soon lost their objections as it was found out later that the new breed of mixing Persian bloodlines with American bloodlines resulted into a cat which was heavier, a rounder head, a shorter snout, and a denser coat.

Aside from their excellent physical traits, these crossbreeds were found to be so social and gentle and require less maintenance. After many people heard of their great qualities, these line of cats became an instant after sought line.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ferrets are high risk / reward exotic pets

Ferrets are extremely attractive, playful, social, fun-loving yet demanding exotic animals that can be domesticated as household pets for the entire family. The have the potential to be mischievious sometimes but many families have success raising them since they respond to discipline and the carrot and stick approach.

Ferrets are usually more popularly known as weasels which are very much related to the larger-sized pole cats.
They might be as adorable as cats, hairy as hamsters, intelligent as dogs and sometimes behave like beavers who want to go underground or go through attics and many small areas.

Here is a good article on Ferrets.

making sure a horse is healthy

Most horse lovers perform daily care work to their pet horses. Combing the hair of horses is a great feeling and the horse itself is relaxed from good grooming. One also have to consider a good shelter, blankets and a good source of grass or hay. There are available ready made horse food. Shoes are important to these creatures in as much as to protect their fragile knees from being damaged.

Here is a good article on proper horse care.

Monday, August 4, 2008

farm ranches are still the main source of quality animal produce

Since man has learned to capture animals for breeding and for food, he has made it easier and more energy efficient to raise all kinds of farm animals in order to create a profit, secure stable food supply and ensure the health and reproductive cycles of all these animals.

t first he just placed sheeps , lambs, cows in an enclosed fenced area that is near a water resource. He would just drive the animals to different areas of pasture land for feeding. As demand and value for animal produce increase tremendously, he had to find ways to increase productivity at the same time ensuring the environment and the requirements for the animals are met and preserved.

Technology has helped the traditional farmer to have great quality yields of animal produce in all areas of production. From reducing the days cycle of chickens to 45 days, to artificial insemination of pigs, lambs, sheep and others plus the use of medicines to give anti biotics thereby reducing the mortality rates of the animals.

Here is a good article on farm animals.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

parrots need the right food

The digestive systems of birds are simple and uncomplicated but for parrots, they have a delicate system where their survival is at stake.

You know parrots are intelligent pets than can make good sounds. They can even imitate human speech as well as other acoustic sounds. Since they can perform amazing sound tricks, it is important that the owners can maintain the nutrient requirements of these birds. Too much or too little of some part of their daily food intake may be harmful to them.

Here is a good article.

sometimes one cant help but be away from home suddenly

Just when you have nobody to leave your pets for a few days since your neighbors are away on a vacation, your office need you to travel for work. What a dilemma it is . who will feed your priceless pet or pet(s). It is indeed a blessing if your a near a pet-day care center in your area. However, in my case, there is one that is close ... so i research the internet to find a solution .

Here it is.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

food for cats and how they need maintenance

Some people likes cats because of their fur, small size and very emotional temperament. Cats like to hug their owners most of the time. They really enjoy games especially a ball of yarn.

One would need to know more about cats so that one's pet cat can have proper nutrition for growth and great hair quality and color. I don't know if cats can be trained to do some tricks ... but most animals will do one if they see a treat coming after the performance.

Here is a link to the article.

Cat food

most pet owners feel that their animal is best

I been wanting to create a blog where owners of domesticated animals can read some articles for the maintenance, training and some extra tricks they can apply to their prized mates...

cats, dogs, birds, horses and many other pets can reaaly lift a person's happy outlook to higher levels in as much as having loyal, cheerful, needy and wonderful friends and companions. They may have needs but not as complicated as the needs of modern men and women in our modern era.

With the expected help from the net community, I hope to shape this blog to a fun resource center for prized pet animals.

wish me luck ...