Thursday, July 31, 2008

parrots need the right food

The digestive systems of birds are simple and uncomplicated but for parrots, they have a delicate system where their survival is at stake.

You know parrots are intelligent pets than can make good sounds. They can even imitate human speech as well as other acoustic sounds. Since they can perform amazing sound tricks, it is important that the owners can maintain the nutrient requirements of these birds. Too much or too little of some part of their daily food intake may be harmful to them.

Here is a good article.

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Athlyn Green said...

I couldn't agree more. I had an African Grey and we noticed that if he was lacking fat in his diet, his mental ability wasn't as sharp. When we gave him nuts, he really picked up.

Birds will hide when they are unwell so being vigilant about their diet is extremely important aspect of their care.

I found that my parrots loved warm food, such as oatmeal or mashed potatoes.