Thursday, July 31, 2008

parrots need the right food

The digestive systems of birds are simple and uncomplicated but for parrots, they have a delicate system where their survival is at stake.

You know parrots are intelligent pets than can make good sounds. They can even imitate human speech as well as other acoustic sounds. Since they can perform amazing sound tricks, it is important that the owners can maintain the nutrient requirements of these birds. Too much or too little of some part of their daily food intake may be harmful to them.

Here is a good article.

sometimes one cant help but be away from home suddenly

Just when you have nobody to leave your pets for a few days since your neighbors are away on a vacation, your office need you to travel for work. What a dilemma it is . who will feed your priceless pet or pet(s). It is indeed a blessing if your a near a pet-day care center in your area. However, in my case, there is one that is close ... so i research the internet to find a solution .

Here it is.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

food for cats and how they need maintenance

Some people likes cats because of their fur, small size and very emotional temperament. Cats like to hug their owners most of the time. They really enjoy games especially a ball of yarn.

One would need to know more about cats so that one's pet cat can have proper nutrition for growth and great hair quality and color. I don't know if cats can be trained to do some tricks ... but most animals will do one if they see a treat coming after the performance.

Here is a link to the article.

Cat food

most pet owners feel that their animal is best

I been wanting to create a blog where owners of domesticated animals can read some articles for the maintenance, training and some extra tricks they can apply to their prized mates...

cats, dogs, birds, horses and many other pets can reaaly lift a person's happy outlook to higher levels in as much as having loyal, cheerful, needy and wonderful friends and companions. They may have needs but not as complicated as the needs of modern men and women in our modern era.

With the expected help from the net community, I hope to shape this blog to a fun resource center for prized pet animals.

wish me luck ...